So my Daughter's buddy was supposed to have a birthday party last weekend. A fishing birthday party! I love this kid. His family made all the preparations, invitations went out, but the day of the party the poor kid got really sick and was throwing up everywhere... so party canceled. Bummed kid of course. Well my wife let me know about what happened and asked if I'd like to take him fishing this weekend... heck yes.
Meet up this morning to a wide eyed, inquisitive, super excited kid. Before we got out of the canal he saw a tarpon roll, knew it was a tarpon, and wanted to catch it... never caught one before. It's going to be a good day I thought to myself.
We ran out and got some bait, and went to a spot I knew would be productive quickly just to get some rods bent and fish in the boat. Caught some ladies, snapper, and catfish for a bit... got some smiles... and moved on... (tarpon in the back of my mind for the finale).
Next spot we quickly got into a couple nice trout and some more catfish. "You ready to try for a tarpon?" I said to the kids.
Quick boat ride, tarpon all over, ended up jumping 3 with two making it to the boat. Man I wish I could bottle up how happy that boy was about getting those tarpon. I love this.