Got out this am at about 4 for a great incoming tide, light breeze, and some hungry fish.  There was a metric ton of threadfins out there, but I stayed true to self and just used artificials.  Managed to get 6 juvi tarpon in the air, only one to the boat, and 4 slam hits but missed the hookups.... all in two hours.  Did a little scouting around (unusccessfully) once it was light enough to see.  It's weird, the juvi tarpon still aren't here in the big numbers like they normally are this time of year, but the adults are all over the place already.  My usual spots are normally loaded with mullet but they have been few and far between this year.  Not sure what's going on but I will say I've seen more whitebait/threadfins than in recent years.. A LOT more.
Water temp is 82 in the harbor at night now.