Last night was date night for my wife and I.  Kiddo goes off to the grandparents and my wife and I enjoy some time to think and talk about things other than slime and the momo challenge.  Every Friday while the grandparents are in town for winter.  Last night we started date night off like two young love starved parents should... by going shopping at Walmart and a nice take out dinner from our finest Bob Evans.  Lol I mentioned that we sounded like a couple of old hags to my wife with our night and reminder her how much I can't stand Walmart... to which we followed up with watching some tv and calling it an early night.
Before I got ready for bed I checked my wind forecaster one more time, knowing that there was a great outgoing tide about to start and some big tarpon in the area... and the wind was down.  Conditions were right.  Shrimp are moving and the big girls should be eating.  Looked up at the wife who already knew what I was about to say, she wished me luck, and off I went.
45 minutes later I'm almost to the spot, my 5 kt SSW wind is blowing an easy 15 straight S making the ride out in the dark a little livelier than I was expecting, but we were staying the course.  I'm not kidding when I say the second I shut off the motor to start using the trolling motor it starts to rain lol.  I don't care, we're here, I KNOW the fish are going to be here... I'm staying.  
And it was amazing.
5th cast in I hook on a solid 80 pounder.  Fought for about 15 minutes then hook pulled.  Hogy black HDUV eel 7".
10 minutes later I hook another, much bigger but shook free after 3rd jump... the only one I bowed on (have I ever mentioned bowing is overrated when using heavy jigs?)  Same Hogy as before.
Retie a new Hogy on, silver this time, first cast I jump another one.  This night is getting amazing.
Next fish took probably 40 minutes before the hook up but I got this one to the boat after a short 25 minute fight.  Didn't get any pictures because I didn't want to take longer than necessary with her considering I had gotten sharked 20 minutes earlier and wanted to get her revived and on the way... plus I don't like my hands in the water longer than necessary in the big shark waters at night.
This spot started to slow down with action on the side scan so I moved around a little and found some more.  The wind had laid down at this point and it was just a light intermittent drizzle, not that I would have left if the opposite were true.
New spot, side scan lit up, new fish everywhere... big tarpon blowing up on topwater bait.  
Ended up jumping 6 more tarpon, mix of Hogys and Baitbusters.  Got home at 5AM with a big smile, sore hands from the fights, and some great memories.