I had the opportunity to take a father/son out fishing a couple nights ago, and it really set my head right.  I wasn't expecting a banner night or anything, and with the cold front, a near full moon, and still feeling the effects of the red tide the odds were stacked against us.  It started on the dock when I met Gabe and his son Josh.  Josh was a very polite and bright eyed young man, and you could see the excitement in his face.  I always love when people bring a positive attitude with them on the boat, and this boy brought enough for all of us.  As I was talking it up with Gabe, I caught a glimpse of Josh and how excited he was.  We weren't even fishing yet, and he was just all smiles, soaking in the smell of the water, the sound of the 2 stroke, and the breeze of the boat ride... things that I take for granted so frequently without giving them a second thought.  Then when we loaded up with finger mullet after a throw of the cast net I again caught a glimpse of his excitement, and it was starting to rub off on me.  I started to look around instead of just looking ahead.  I started to 'get it' again.
We arrived to the spot and almost immediately hooked up... just a stinking ladyfish I thought to myself.  But to Josh it was a whale.  It was the biggest, baddest, hardest fighting fish he'd ever had on his pole.  And he was loving it... and I was loving the lesson.  I love the opportunity to hang out with kids... they always show you a shimmer of a reflection of how you used to feel about things... and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.