Caught my first tarpon on fly!

Last week I had a couple guests on the boat and they did an awesome job with the tarpon on fly... so of course I had to break down and go buy a fly rod. Now typically I'm the type that will buy once, cry once, and get good gear... but in this case I wanted to make sure it was something I liked before I blew a bunch of money on it... so I bought literally the cheapest fly gear known to man. I got a 10wt Ugly Stik (I wish I was kidding) rod, and a Okuma SLV... got them both for under $100 shipped. Lol. Well anyway... now that you know I'm using pretty lousy gear, I got to use it tonight. Here's the setup:
Very light winds. Good thing because as you can imagine I'm lousy with a fly rod. Water was very smooth... glass minnows all over... tarpon slurping them up on the shadow line... perfect for me! Started throwing it around and it started to come back to me from when I fly fished for smallies up north. About 10 minutes in I got a good hit and jumped my first tarpon! Probably a 15 pounder but whatever... I'll take it. Then another 10 minutes I jumped another... maybe a 30 pounder. I'm starting to get the hang of this I think... then I got this 40 pounder to the boat. Happy days out on the water tonight!


Oh PS... I did jump another 5 using spinning gear. Didn't land a single one.