16 Tarpon jumped... and did you know that Redbone rods float?

Had a charter a couple nights ago and we got into em good... 16 tarpon in the course of 4 hours. They were hitting Hogy 7" and a couple other jigs... the darker the color the better. The real excitement came on fish #1 though... I'm not sure people go into this with a good understanding of just how hard a tarpon can pull... even a juvi. So about 10 seconds into the fight, tarpon #1 lays down the hammer and goes for a screaming run, which is awesome, except that angler #1... let's call him "Wayne"... wasn't expecting it and the tarpon yanked the rod out of his hand. Lol! So I'm in the boat watching a Smoke 50 with Hurricane Redbone go down in the water, I'm about to jump in to grab it but I realize I have the car keys and my phone in my pocket so I just watched the rod go by... then the amazing happened and the rod actually started to float! Apparently there's just enough cork on the handle and it came back up to the surface! So we troll over, "Wayne" grabs it... and I kid you not, the fish was still on! I swear! So "Wayne" starts fighting this fish again and we're all laughing and trying to record it... it was amazing! Probably the biggest roller coaster of emotions I've ever had on a boat lol.
Step 1 - Fish on... excitement! (especially the first tarpon of the night)
Step 2 - Rod in water... confusion (wtf just happened) followed by maybe a hint of anger (I can't believe this googan just dropped my $300 rod in the water!!! )
Step 3 - Rod floating... hope (we might actually get this thing back)
Step 4 - Rod in hand ... relief
Step 5 - Fish on!?!? ... OMG THIS IS THE CRAZIEST!!!

Lol... I wish I had the whole thing on video. Good times.

Oh and I disassembled and greased up the Smoke 50 and all is right with the world. It needed a cleaning anyway. 


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