I was sitting around today after Bob Evans' finest Easter meal... thinking about taking nap #2 for the day (#1 was at the beach with a Corona in my hand).  I decided to see if the weatherman was right about the winds or not and decided to go out to Placida to see if there were any tarpon roaming around.  The weatherman was wrong.  Winds were moderate but from the NW instead of the E like he was showing, so the water was easy to cruise in.  Tarpon were all over... but mostly medium/small ones.  I only saw a few big girls and I couldn't get them to eat... but the others... well they were hungry.  I fished for about an hour with nothing to show for it... then just as if somebody had flipped a switch the bite turned on.  I jumped 3 fish on 4 casts, each of them coming unbottoned.  Then I hooked one and got it to the boat... a 30 pounder.   Then another... this one was a little bigger and made a couple good runs but still no adult.  As I was getting it close to the boat it pulled a little drag, and then I sat and smiled as I listened to the drag ripping out of my reel.  Then I realized that the one in my hand wasn't losing drag at all... it was the one in the rod holder!  D'oh!  A double.  I watched the one in the rod holder to see if it was going to stop pulling drag and luckily it did.  So I quickly released the one on the rod in my hand (roughly a 40 pounder) and swapped rods to get the one in the holder in.  This one was also about  a 40 pounder and after a pretty short fight I had it boatside and released.  Lol... that was fun.  I wish I had it on video.  Ended up going 4 for 8 on the night after starting 0 for 3.  It was a fun night... hopefully tomorrow night is even better.