Decided to go try my luck at Lemon Bay again tonight since it was good to us a few nights ago and it was even better tonight. We ended up jumping 5 tarpon... 4 were 50 pounders and one was about 25-30. We had one of them to the boat and I was about to start to try to grab it but the leader frayed. That was a bummer but it was still a solid 10 minute fight for John's first tarpon. The next one was hooked solid but it ended up jumping perfectly as it got below the outboard and bent the hook as the leader hit the skeg that was already out of the water. That was a tough one to watch but nothing could have been done about it. Overall though we had a blast... 5 tarpon in early March is a hoot. Had one 26" snook, a small 12" trout, a few jacks and ladies also. Great times... tarpon season is heating up. Once this cold front passes mid-week we should be home free for the big migration. Can't wait!