Well the cold front chased the winter time tarpon bite away... for the night anyway. Since there weren't any tarpon around to do the magic silver dance for me I tried to find some snook to pull some drag... and definitely had my share tonight. Ended up with 10 snook on the nose before I called it quits. 4 between 27 and 29", two 30 inchers, and one at 32". Something a little weird tonight also... I think I hooked into a smallish goliath grouper. I never did see it but it certainly wasn't a snook or black drum (by the way there's black drum all over the place right now)... The fish just sort of lollygagged around like it didn't even know it was hooked... then once in awhile it would pull 10 or 20 yards of drag like nothing... then repeat. Eventually the hook pulled. Anyway... had a fun night even without any tarpon goodness.