Well I took my annual Keys Tarpon trip this past weekend with visions of silver clouding my brain for the past two months. We stay in Key Largo for a long weekend every year around this time with hopes of timing some warm weather and the impending tarpon migration. Well we nailed it this year. Daytime air temps were touching 79 degrees and the water temp was holding between 75 and 77. And there were tarpon. A LOT of tarpon. I won't get into all the play by play details but here's the Cliff's Notes: 
In three nights of fishing we jumped 37 tarpon, 14 were landed. Out of the 37 all but two were over 50 pounds. I would estimate that at least 25 of them were over 80 pounds.
Out of the 37 jumped only one was hooked using live bait. So 36 tarpon were jumped on artificials. 5 of them were jumped using baitbusters and the rest were jumped using Hogy lures. The vast majority were caught on 7" and 9" eels... but a few were caught on 7" paddle tails. Black, white, and purple were the colors of choice in no particular order. The bigger 10/0 VMC Barbarian hooks seemed to have a better landing ratio than the 6/0... especially on the 100+ pound fish.

Tip I learned from this trip: Charge your camera BEFORE you get out on the water. Bring a charger that actually works for the camera you brought.  Sorry guys... all my pictures are terrible. I brought a good DSLR camera with me with hopes of getting some good footage but I failed miserably. 

Shouldn't be long and we will be getting the tarpon migration up here. Can't wait.