This is why we keep a fishing log... 2 for 2 on adult tarpon this AM.

I was checking back on the past few years' fishing logs and noticed a little trend I hadn't seen before. Set my alarm for 3AM, and headed out. Conditions were perfect... light/no wind, strong outgoing tide, and a couple others I'll keep to myself.  Got out to the spot and within 5 minutes I was hooked up on a solid 80 pounder. Of course he wrapped me around a piling and I thought for sure he was a goner... but opening the bail and a little outside the box thinking got it out from the piling to continue the fight. Got him to the boat for a quick release after about 25 minutes. This one was caught with a black Hogy original rigged Texas style with a 7/0 circle hook through the nose and a 1/4 oz bullet weight.
Caught my breath and idled back up to the spot. Saw a few rollers and made some good casts but no hook ups right away... until about 10 minutes later... this time I got into a 120 pounder that went clean through the pilings for me... thank goodness. Got her to the boat after a good 30 minute fight with quite a few jumps. I love these tarpon when the water cools off... they have so much more energy than when the water is 94 degrees in August. This fish was caught with a purple Hogy Pro Tail paddle in 2 oz.

Here's a situation where keeping a log really paid off. It only takes 5 minutes of your time when you get home from fishing to write down a few notes. Wind, recent temperature fluctuations, tide, moon, time of day, location, technique/lures used... anything of note.

Good luck out there... there's still tarpon around... for now.