12 tarpon this am... and we got number 100 to the boat!

Man today was on fire... and it almost didn't happen. Here's the skinny: Got up at a decent time with no plans on getting some mullet since they didn't really work yesterday. Ran out to the spot with nice calm seas. Put out the trolling motor and put it on spot lock and threw some lures for awhile with nothing to show for it... didn't even see a roller... so now I'm thinking the fish moved on to a different spot and I'm going to have to run around to find them. Then another guy pulled up and was about to thow anchor close enough that a good toss could have gotten the anchor in my boat... and he was right where I've been casting for the last hour. So I politely ask if he'd rather just fish with me in my boat since we were so close... and he got what I was saying and backed away 30 yards. Still too close for me but I don't own the spot and I wasn't catching anything anyway. So I'm about to call it and start to troll out of there to see what's in the area when I spot the tarpon party... and they were on it. Got over there and proceeded to jump 12 in the next 3 hours... 2 adults, the rest juvis. One even jumped right in the boat, lol. Broke out the 3000 series Nacsi on a lightweight rod with 10# braid and had a blast with the juvis. All on artificials... and the bait of choice changed as the day went on.