8 Tarpon this morning...

Got up about 5:30 this am to go get some bait... found a big pod of mullet and got what I needed with a single cast of the small 8' net I keep around for when I'm feeling lazy... like at 5:30 am by myself in the dark.
Ran out Stump Pass to a butter smooth gulf and headed south.
Got to the spot and saw quite a few rollers before I had my first bait on... within 10 minutes the first one was on, and within 10 seconds the first one was off... ha ha. Ended up jumping 7 more and got 2 to the boat. No big ones today... but still a ton of fun. The bite was good for an hour and turned off once the tide turned. Headed home, tried a couple more spots with nothing to show for it.

So that makes 99 tarpon to the boat so far this year, and 389 in the air. Still time to hit my goal of 500 for the year, but if this wind doesn't let up it surely won't happen. Time will tell I suppose.


PS... the water is still stained but it's getting clearer by the week... it's actually pretty clear outside of lemon bay... it's just really dark still.