With the cold front coming in today I knew time was limited so I got out the past two nights for some tarpon/snook action. Nobody else with me... just some alone time with the tarpons. Two nights ago I went 1 for 2... 40 pounder to the boat and the other was a 20 pounder. One caught on the incoming and one on the outgoing. Last night I got out on the peak of the incoming and jumped 3 tarpon in the first 30 minutes... I thought it was going to be an incredible night... but then the rain came and the bite died. The tide was about to go slack anyway so I decided to wait it out in the car and take a nap. When I woke up and got back out there the tide was ripping, rain was gone, but only managed one more tarpon. I probably caught a dozen or more snook between the two nights. I've been using the Hogy 7" jiggin eel with good success and the Barbarian VMC jig head. I've been doing some experimenting with colors and the lighter colors seem to work better some nights and some nights the darker works better... I can't figure out why.  The good news is that VMC hook is so dang sharp my jump to bump ratio has gone up substantially. We're talking 50% at least here... it's pretty remarkable. 

Cold front today so I'm going to do some work to the trailer. Hopefully we'll get out there again soon.