First off, Happy New Year everyone! Ok, now that that's out of the way let's talk tarpon. I had an itch to get out on a good tide this morning and for some reason I was up when the ball dropped... so rather than go to bed I figured I'd go see what I could see. Got out to the spot at 1:00 AM and the water was 65 degrees... figured the tarpon might not be around since the front but with the great incoming tide and nearly no moon I was hoping they might be holding around some lights with current. Well hot damn I jumped the first tarpon of 2017 by 1:15 am! Then followed it up with 5 more jumped by 2:30 am! 2 of those were adults (one probably 130'ish and one 90'ish), two were 40-50 pounders, and 2 were 15-20 pounders. I found a new hook that I thought might help with my hook ups vs hits and boy did it. I jumped every hit I got except for two.  So I'm pumped about that one. Anyway, back to the fishing... I ended up finishing the night with 2 more tarpon (8 total), a 27" snook, a 26" snook, a 22" gator trout, and a few other fish. Couldn't manage the redfish for the super inshore grand slam. Ahh well.
As for the no landed fish... man I had some bad luck on that part of it. 3 tarpon wrapped me around pilings, one bent the hook, and one broke the line when I didn't see the fray in it from nicking the pilings. 

So bring on 2017... it's looking like a record breaker so far!